Thigh Lift


A thigh lift procedure is designed for reshaping the thighs and focuses on reducing excess fat and skin. The result is an improvement in lower body and thigh contours and smoother looking skin.

The excess skin, cellulite and fat accumulated in the thigh region could make you look heavier, older and less toned. This can be frustrating and make you feel less confident about your appearance. If exercise and diet have been unsuccessful in firming up your thighs, then you might consider having a thigh lift procedure to achieve the desired results.


During the consultation Dr. Soteriou will examine and evaluate your condition. He will listen to your concerns, spend as much time as necessary to answer all your queries and make you feel comfortable.


Thigh lift operation is performed at American Medical Center under general anesthesia and you might stay overnight. Skin incisions are hidden in your groin area and in more severe cases a vertical skin incision in the inner thigh will be needed. Liposuction is always performed prior to skin removal.

Recovery depends to the extent of the procedure and compression garments will be necessary for a period of one month. Avoiding exercise and lifting of heavy things is recommended and walking is encouraged after surgery. However further exercise is not recommended until sufficient healing has occurred.

Results are visible almost immediately, but final results may take several months.Final results are almost permanent, however excessive weight gain or pregnancy might affect them.