Breast Revision


If you are not satisfied with your first breast surgery, breast revision surgery with Dr. Soteriou gives you a great alternative to achieve more natural and better proportioned breasts.

Breast revision surgery can be performed after:

  • aesthetic result is not satisfactory
  • complications such as capsular contracture, double┬ábubble effect, implant rupture, rippling, bottoming and asymmetry.
  • body changes affected your breasts size and shape



The procedure is performed at American Medical Center under general anesthesia and you might stay overnight. Skin incisions are made on the existing ones.

After surgery, you will go home with the surgical bra and you will be permitted to shower the day after. You will be instructed to wear the surgical bra for a month.

Recovery depends on the chosen procedure. However, you will need to restrict any strenuous activity for a week and there will be no lifting anything over 5-10 Kg for the first 2 weeks. Gym is restricted for 4 weeks.