Trauma, infection, burn and any surgery can create scars. Once a scar is formed, is permanent, but is surgically possible to alter it.

Many scars that appear large and reddish at first, may become less obvious with time. Dr. Soteriou will advise you to wait at least 6 months and sometimes as long as a year after the scar is formed before undergoing any scar revision.

Dr. Soteriou uses a number of different plastic surgery techniques including excision and approximation, reconstruction with flaps, Z-plasty, skin tissue transplants and tissue expanders.

Types of scars are:

1. Burn Scars

2. Keloid scars

3. Hypertrophic scars

4. Atrophic scars

5. Post-traumatic scars


Different scars require different treatments. During consultation, Dr. Soteriou will evaluate your condition, risks and benefits will be discussed and also different options of treatments.


Procedures can be performed under local anesthesia and sometimes under general anesthesia, depending on the type of the procedure. Recovery period depends on the extend of the procedure.